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Best Online Marketing Tools of 2024

Welcome to our recommended tools page, where we share the selection of tools we currently use for our online business or suggest for others. These tools have proven valuable in enhancing our operations and may offer significant benefits for your ventures as well.

Highly Recommended Tools

Discover an exceptional hosting provider offering fantastic value, granting you access to your own dedicated server with lightning-fast performance. Notably, their customer support has significantly improved in recent times.

Unleash the Swiss army knife of SEO tools. Whether you require competitor keywords, link data, keyword insights, or a comprehensive site health check, it stands unparalleled in its capabilities.


Experience swift performance with a lightweight WordPress theme that empowers you to customize and brand every aspect of your site without the unnecessary bloat of page builders.


Constructing and maintaining an email list plays a pivotal role in the success of your website, and MailerLite facilitates this process economically and effortlessly through automation.


Optimizing content for search engines is crucial to enhance its chances of ranking on platforms like Google, and Surfer’s interface facilitates this process by offering user-friendly tools and features for analysis and optimization.

The hub of activity within our company, encompassing editorial dashboards, link-building campaigns, and various other essential tasks.

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Hosting Services

We’ve discovered the ideal hosting service for you — a cost-effective and premium option. This service leverages Google Cloud servers, renowned for their speed, and offers numerous free tools to enhance your site’s speed without compromising user-friendly functionality.

If you’re seeking robust performance without breaking the bank, Cloudways is the solution for you. It combines the advantages of managing your own server with a contemporary hosting interface and comprehensive support. It’s the hosting provider we currently rely on. maximizes the potential of Cloudflare, seamlessly integrating with its enterprise network to provide lightning-fast website delivery. By heavily relying on Cloudflare’s Edge network, with a 99% dependency, ensures that your site is unlikely to experience any slowdowns.

Site Speed Tools

Following the Core Web Vitals update, WPRocket has become our default caching solution for WordPress. It combines user-friendly features with numerous unique page speed options not readily available elsewhere. A must-have tool to achieve that perfect 100 score.



Bunny stands out as the most cost-effective CDN service for small publishers, offering exceptional value for your money. Recognized for its impressive speed, integrating Bunny ensures your site operates at blazing fast speeds. Don’t miss out—give it a try!

Cloudflare Pro stands out as a potent CDN, featuring the latest Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress, a game-changer in reducing your Time to First Byte (TTFB). Additionally, Cloudflare recently introduced image optimization and boasts robust Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, enhancing the overall performance and security of your website.

WordPress Themes

GeneratePress is an exceptionally lightweight and customizable WordPress theme. While it may not be the most user-friendly option for beginners, its unmatched performance makes it the ideal choice for those seeking top-notch speed and efficiency. The latest version even allows you to customize your entire site, providing a high level of flexibility. This site is proudly built on GeneratePress.


If you’re aiming for excellent performance with a more user-friendly theme compared to GeneratePress but still desire a fast website, Kadence is the perfect choice for you. Offering a plethora of premade templates, it simplifies the process of building a site, even for those with little to no prior experience.






Astra is another theme that strikes a balance between solid performance and diverse design options, making it a great all-rounder. With the largest library of premade sites, it can significantly save you time in the site-building process. If you’re looking to quickly create a reasonably fast site, Astra is a top choice.



WordPress Plugins

GenerateBlocks serves as a top-notch alternative to a page builder, crafted by the creators of GeneratePress. This plugin enhances the capabilities of Gutenberg, enabling you to construct diverse page layouts directly within the default editor. The page you’re currently viewing is constructed using GenerateBlocks

This plugin streamlines WordPress by eliminating redundant functions and provides fine-tuned control over script execution on a page level. The outcome is a significantly lighter and faster-loading website, a crucial factor for achieving higher rankings and improved conversion rates.


Effective call-to-actions play a pivotal role in boosting conversion rates on affiliate pages. Fortunately, the Affiliate plugin makes the creation of compelling calls-to-action exceptionally easy. Additionally, the plugin’s lightweight design ensures that you can maintain high page speed and responsiveness.


SEO Tools

Though it may not be the most budget-friendly option, Ahrefs stands out as the premier SEO data tool available on the web. Its capabilities span competitor analysis, keyword research, link building research, site audits, rank tracking, and a myriad of other features. Renowned for its exceptionally high-quality data, Ahrefs is unparalleled in the market.

To achieve higher rankings on Google, building links to your site is crucial. Until proven otherwise, reaching out to other sites remains one of the most effective link-building strategies. Hunter assists in this process by identifying webmaster emails, facilitating outreach and communication to enhance your link-building efforts.


If Ahrefs is outside your budget, Ubersuggest is a highly recommended and cost-effective alternative. While it may not match Ahrefs in terms of overall features and performance, Ubersuggest offers a solid set of tools at a more affordable price. It may not be a perfect match, but it allows you to accomplish the work for significantly less money.


LowFruits emerges as the ultimate tool for uncovering untapped keywords that quickly and easily climb the ranks. By conducting bulk SERP analyses, it unveils opportunities to outperform weak competitors and user-generated content. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual SERP analysis or relying on unreliable Keyword Difficulty (KD) scores—LowFruits handles it all on your behalf!

Surfer stands out by taking the leading content related to your target keyword and conducting an in-depth analysis. It then provides valuable insights on how to optimize your content for ranking on that keyword. Whether you’re crafting your article in Google Docs or their editor, Surfer guides you on the essential keywords and elements to include, enhancing your content’s chances of ranking effectively.

Buzzsumo is an invaluable tool for monitoring trending content in your niche. Additionally, it aids in identifying contact details of influencers and journalists, facilitating the promotion of your latest digital PR efforts. If you’re looking to elevate your link-building strategies with high-quality engagement, Buzzsumo proves to be a truly useful and effective tool.

Link Whisper, a WordPress plugin, employs AI to analyze your content and offer intelligent suggestions for internal links, enhancing SEO and site structure. This tool saves time by automatically generating relevant link recommendations, allowing for easy review and implementation. Moreover, Link Whisper provides detailed reports to identify and rectify any internal link issues, contributing to the overall improvement of your site’s performance.

Content Tools

Introducing OpenAI’s ChatGPT—a revolutionary tool that has swept the world by storm. It proves invaluable for a variety of content and SEO tasks. What’s more, it’s completely free to use. If you haven’t experienced its capabilities yet, click the button below and explore the endless possibilities.

Multicollab, a WordPress plugin, streamlines collaboration on a single post by incorporating a commenting system for feedback and suggestions directly within the post—similar to Google Docs. This feature proves particularly handy for efficiently updating and refining content.



Grammarly transcends traditional spell checking, offering comprehensive assistance in making your content more readable for a wider audience. Additionally, it provides plagiarism checks, ensuring that outsourced content remains 100% unique and compliant with Google’s standards.

When it comes to recruiting writers for our projects, the ProBlogger job board is our go-to platform. We consistently post our job ads there, and the results speak for themselves. We’ve successfully hired numerous exceptional writers through ProBlogger, contributing significantly to the success of our many six-figure sites.

Lead Generation Tools

For writer recruitment in our projects, the ProBlogger job board is our preferred platform. Regularly posting our job ads there has yielded impressive results. We’ve recruited numerous outstanding writers through ProBlogger, playing a pivotal role in the success of our multiple six-figure sites.

OptinMonster stands out as a robust pop-up solution, encompassing all the anticipated features such as A/B testing, various pop-up triggers, and more. While their builder may not be our top choice, we’ve successfully collected tens of thousands of leads with it, experiencing no issues in the process.

Gleam is the best raffle/giveaway tool we have used. It’s ideal if you want to build an email list fast. Its unique sharing mechanic giving more chances to win, helped many of our contests on Authority Hacker go viral and collect thousands of extra leads.


Email Marketing Tools

For managing your site’s email list (an essential practice!), MailerLite stands out as an excellent and cost-effective option. It offers advanced automation features, a user-friendly email designer, resend options, tagging capabilities, and more, making it a comprehensive solution at an affordable price.

As you transition to selling your own products, ActiveCampaign emerges as an excellent email solution. It boasts numerous advanced automation options, a built-in CRM, and seamless integrations with your favorite marketing tools. 



Shopping Carts

A straightforward yet potent shopping cart software, offering a plethora of options including free trials, payment plans, and recurring billing. The cart builder provides customization for the cart’s appearance, and notably, it operates without a subscription model, catering to preferences for a one-time purchase.

Gumroad is an excellent choice for a minimalist shopping cart that delivers precisely what it promises. While it may not offer an abundance of features, its simplicity and low-maintenance appeal make it a preferred option, particularly favored by content creators.

For those seeking to build their cart within WordPress, Cartflows seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, enabling the creation of a comprehensive sales funnel on your site. With features like upsells, cross-sales, order bumps, and more, 


Productivity Tools

Notion serves as a unified workspace for overseeing the operations of your niche and authority sites. Highly adaptable, it allows you to craft your own wiki, documents, and projects, facilitating seamless collaboration with your writers and editors. Internally, we rely on Notion as a powerful and versatile tool to efficiently manage a wide array of projects and tasks.

Slack is our go-to company chat for team communication. Its adaptability to workflows allows the creation of channels, threads, and seamless integration with apps for customized notifications. As a simple yet effective tool, we use Slack daily and highly recommend exploring its capabilities. stands out as one of the most powerful and cost-effective automation tools, especially useful for connecting tools that lack native integration. Offering more features than Zapier, it may be slightly more complex to navigate. However, its capabilities shine, particularly when used in conjunction with Notion and Slack.


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